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A retaining wall in a residential or commercial setting can “correct” the slope of the area to provide you with a level space for activities like gardening, building a patio, or taking advantage of more of your property. These walls require strength, durability, and weather resistance. Concrete is the optimum material to satisfy these criteria.



We specialize in two kinds of concrete wall construction: concrete panels and poured-in-place concrete. Contact us now to discover which retaining wall is best for your situation!


Concrete is incredibly reliable and resilient, a critical element when it comes to withstanding large amounts of soil and water.


A concrete wall can stand up to the test of time, often lasting for a century or longer.


Would you like a fireproof, rot-resistant, and rust-proof retaining wall? Concrete has all of those qualities.

Easy Installation

It’s usually faster and easier to install a concrete retaining wall compared to much more labor-intensive masonry structures.


Building with concrete makes it easy to incorporate curves, angles, and steps into the retaining wall design.

Low Maintenance

Concrete retaining walls only need to be cleaned once a year, occasionally inspected for cracks or damage, and can be easily maintained by patching any wear and tear with mortar.

Eco - Friendliness

Concrete retaining walls are non-toxic and don’t release allergens or hazardous chemicals.


A concrete retaining wall installation is moderately priced, offering a great value for your money.

Hire Professional Retaining Wall Contractors

We’re licensed and insured and offer a customer satisfaction guarantee!

Let Quality Concrete Construction create a personalized plan for your retaining wall that adheres to your specifications and brings you desired outcomes on time and within budget.  We will help you select the right materials and the best placement so you can get the maximum benefit.

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