Professional Pergola Installation in Indianapolis

Pergolas evoke the style of the Mediterranean with their breezy design and twirling vines. Choosing between a pergola and other options like a covered deck or an awning for your outdoor living area may be difficult. Here are some of the benefits of choosing a Pergola.

Pergolas Are Beautiful

Pergolas have a distinct beauty that outshines most awnings. Their sculptural and architectural appeal can add personality to an uninspiring backyard landscape. You can choose from multiple styles of pergolas, from minimalistic, modern designs to elegant and ornate models.


Pergolas Lend Plants a Helping Hand

Pergolas not only look beautiful on their own, they can also act as support for plants like wisteria, clematis, and grape vines. Train them to climb the pergola supports and weave through the roof-like beams for a lush look. You can even hang planters from the beams for extra flair.

Pergolas Provide Shade

The width and spacing of the beams affect how much shade a pergola offers. On its own, it provides an open space perfect for star gazing or enjoying some sun. If you want more shade, we recommend covering the structure with vines or fabric.

Pergolas Are Affordable

Looking for an affordable way to upgrade your outdoor space? A pergola is a great choice. It’s budget-friendly, quick to build, and makes a huge impact to your outdoor living space when you add plants like climbing flowers. There’s something for every budget – from basic models to more luxurious ones – so you can find the perfect pergola that suits your style and wallet.

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