Concrete Foundation Repair

Concrete is the foundation material of choice for both residential and commercial projects due to its strength and durability. But if you spot issues with your old foundation, repairing the foundation should be your priority. 

From concrete slabs to basement foundations, we have the ability to repair various types of foundations and issues.  Quality Concrete Construction is here to help! If you are looking for commercial and residential foundation contractors near Indianapolis, don’t hesitate to call us at (317) 756-7642 today!



What You Need To Know About Reparing Foundation

Apart from visible cracks in foundations, there are other signs that may indicate the need for repair work. Watch out for cracked bricks, wall rotation, window, and door separation, and displaced moldings – all of which can indicate damage to your structure.  Additionally, Failures in garage footings and foundations signify structural damage, which can quickly turn into a hazard.

Rather than opt for sealing foundation cracks yourself or tackling minor fixes, it’s best to get professional help for a thorough inspection and assess the full extent of structural damage. 

Hire Concrete Experts.

If you spot cracks in slab foundation or other signs, call experts in repairing foundation at Quality Concrete Construction!

Don’t Put Your Safety On Hold

If a foundation issue is causing you distress and becoming a hazard, it’s time for foundation repair.  A professional helps ensure:

  • Vast knowledge and accurate detection of the problem and repairing the foundation in a way that won’t worsen the issue.
  • Secure and durable results through quality equipment and materials.
  • Licensed & insured work, meaning they are capable of fulfilling the task safely.

Quality Concrete Construction, LLC meets all of these criteria for repairing the foundation securely.   We understand all the details that need to be considered for such a delicate project, as repairing a concrete foundation  – so don’t wait!  Get in touch with us 24/7 by calling (317) 756-7642 today.