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Your property is at its top condition when all its elements are too. Whether those are the structure itself or other exterior additions such as patios, sidewalks, parking lots, and more, you want to spend your budget wisely.

Because of that, if you plan on adding a concrete application to your property, you want to work with experts who make the most of your budget. That is what our concreters in Jhonson County do here at Quality Concrete Construction.

Whether residential or commercial, we deliver every possible concrete solution with top brands and materials under licensed and insured craftsmanship. Learn more about our high-quality options below:



Concrete additions can do more than just the functional aspect of your home. They can boost their appeal and increase their value as long as experts execute them. Our professional concreters in Jhonson County will help you achieve any concrete residential application at affordable prices. We choose the best cement mixture from top brands in the market to accomplish any of the following additions or techniques:


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The cost-effectiveness that Concrete and Quality Concrete Construction can provide is unmatched. Still, affordability can become a higher cost when it lacks quality. Rest assured, our skilled and experienced concreters in Jhonson County will provide both. Seniors, military, officers, and firefighters can also obtain a 5% discount. Don’t hesitate to contact us today!