Concrete Contractor Services: Beyond Pouring and Finishing

Jun 29, 2024

Concrete contractors offer much more than just pouring and finishing. Their services range from design to site prep and decorative techniques, and they can serve as valuable partners in your residential or commercial building project. Today, we’ll walk through the diverse ways that a concrete contractor can assist in your construction task from beginning to end. These offerings ensure they’ll be an essential part of your overall plan. 

Design Consultation

Quality projects require a quality design. Concrete contractors offer design consultation services to help you visualize and map out your project from the very first step. This ensures that you’ll select the right type of concrete, account for structural requirements, and plan the layout appropriately. Without a comprehensive design, you’ll run into problems during execution — which costs time and money. 

Site Preparation

If a site is poorly prepared, your concrete won’t last. Excellent concrete contractors provide site preparation as a critical service. They’ll excavate, grade, and form the foundation to ensure it stays stable for the long-term. They’ll remove debris, level the ground, and create forms that will hold concrete in place while it sets. This service – though completed before the actual pouring and finishing – is a massive differentiator for a project that will last. Any errors during site prep can lead to costly structural issues later on.

Concrete Pouring and Finishing

Of course, excellent concrete contractors offer stellar pouring and finishing as part of their service. Though it would seem that this stage is inherently part of the process, there are plenty of concrete contractors who will cut corners during this step… leading to faulty or unsightly results. The concrete must be mixed, transported, poured, and smoothed properly to ensure a beautiful finished product. 

Decorative Techniques

Concrete has evolved significantly in recent years, offering creative and attractive finishing options that will contribute to your property’s overall aesthetic. Concrete contractor services include stamping, staining, and engraving to add visual interest. In addition, they can mimic the look of more expensive materials like stone or brick. Polished concrete is another option to add a sleek and modern touch for either residential or commercial properties.

Post-Construction Maintenance

An excellent concrete contractor will include post-construction maintenance as a vital service. After the concrete is poured, they’ll seal it to protect against water and chemical damage. In addition, they’ll help you understand what types of damage to look for as the concrete ages. They’ll be a trusted resource to help you repair any cracks that develop, plus help advise you on any additional repairs that might be needed. Concrete contractor services will include repairs on older concrete as well — not just new projects that are installed.

Trust the Experts

Quality Concrete Construction has over 20 years of experience offering expert concrete contractor services in the Indianapolis area. We’ll help you plan, design, prep, install, and maintain your concrete — whether you’re working with a residential or commercial property. Contact us to learn more about what we do and see how we stand behind our work.